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25 Steps to Becoming a Better Shopper: Part 2

Hal Rubenstein

25 Steps to Becoming a Better Shopper: Part 2


Have you created your plan? Do you think you’re ready, really ready, to go shopping? Here are the next 5 steps in becoming a better shopper. If you haven’t read part 1, you should go back, make your plan and get ready.

Go Shopping Alone

Instead, how about shopping at your pace, going only to stores you want to go to, wandering wherever you choose.  Try a day without a peanut gallery and a lot of other people’s impressions of whom you are, and you may never go with “the girls” or “mom” again.

Dress for the Adventure

Wear simple, lightweight, wrinkle resistant, easy-to-slip on clothes; i.e. straight skirts, button down blouses, or low v-neck sweaters, minimal jewelry, opaque stockings.  If you are wearing flats, carry a pair of heels in your bag.  Carry an extra jacket also, different than what you have on.

Or if buying something to go with a specific thing you already own, bring it with you. Europeans look at shopping as welcoming a piece of clothing into their wardrobe.  Smart Idea.

Also, do your hair and make-up.  Otherwise, nothing will look right.

Set a Budget

Not for each piece.  For the day.

Leave yourself open for that special piece that is a higher ticket but has lasting quality and value.  But be aware of the electric bill once you hit your limit.  Those of you with less willpower might want to carry some monthly bills with you, just for reinforcement.

When you shop can make a big difference…

…In how long you smile and how long you last.

If you can, go early in the day to designer and specialty shops.  Same goes for any store that doesn’t sell children’s clothes.  Department stores are least hectic late in the afternoon, when anyone with a child in tow is just about over it.  Never hesitate to go shopping when it rains.  Unless you a real trouper avoid the first day of a clearance sale.  Go on the second day.  Most stores will have held back merchandise for restocking.

Take off Your Blinders

That pad is important. And yet, check out displays, and window displays your way.  You never know where new inspiration will come from. Serendipity is what gives shopping a rush.