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25 Steps to Being a Better Shopper: Try Everything On

Hal Rubenstein

25 Steps to Being a Better Shopper: Try Everything On


Now you have a plan, you may have shopped around a bit and now you’re probably wondering, what’s next? Here are the next tips in 25 steps to being a better shopper.

Try Everything On

Especially these days, when so many clothes have so little hanger appeal, yet create magic when you step into them.  Judge something solely on the rack, and you could be bypassing a potential treasure.  Intrigued?  Grab it, and head for the fitting room.

Step Outside Yourself

C’mon, get a little girly.

Have a bit of a giggle.  Try on what  “isn’t me” – the pieces you’ve always shied away from when you’ve been shopping with others because you didn’t want to feel foolish.  Well, now no one else is around, so what the hell.  Besides, you never know.  Told you shopping alone was more fun.

Try On Something Expensive

Regardless of your budget, it is essential to know how well-made clothes fit and feel, so you will know what to look for in the less expensive, or bridge lines.

Make use of Salespeople

True, some are clueless and ineffective, but others are honestly invested in the job, which is not only to make a sale, but to help you look your best.  Seek out one who shares your eye, and understands your needs and she/he will wind up a more pragmatic advisor than any friend, since they see only what you want to present.  And they probably have better taste than your sister.  No offense.

Wear Good Lingerie

Not just because others will see it in the fitting room, but because wearing the right foundation pieces can enhance your figure and make you feel good about yourself.

An Attractive Price Tag is No Match for a Great Reflection

No matter the markdown, once you get an item home, remove the tag and hang it your closet, all that matters is how well it flatters you. If the result is less than wonderful, your closet is merely a pit stop on the way to the consignment shop.  Don’t ever say “For X dollars, how can I go wrong?”   You can.

Clothes Must Feel as Good as They Look

If an outfit doesn’t feel right five minutes out of the fitting room, imagine how it will feel halfway through dinner. Suffering for your art is one thing.  Suffering for fashion is just dumb.

However, if You are Uncomfortable Because the Silhouette is New, Relax

We hate change, even for the better.  Your eye has to get used to this.  Take a minute.  Try to catch yourself in a mirror unaware, and not filter what you see through your long-standing self-image. Don’t be surprised if you start smiling.

If You Absolutely Positively Unabashedly Fall in Love with Something…

…don’t you EVER talk yourself out of it with the line “Yeah, but what do I need it for?”  or “Where am I going to wear it?

Of course, you don’t need it.  Besides a black turtleneck, a white blouse, a black skirt and a pair of jeans, nobody needs anything.  So the point is moot.

As for where will you wear this, buy it and you’ll be astonished at how quickly the opportunity arises, or how readily you will make the opportunity arise.