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25 Ways to Being a Better Shopper: What to Do After You Buy

Hal Rubenstein

25 Ways to Being a Better Shopper: What to Do After You Buy

1. Before You Buy

a) Check the construction of a garment: matching seams, un-puckered lining, quality of buttons, zipper placement, and smoothness and set of shoulder.

b) Are you comfortable with the return policy?

c) Have you checked yourself out in a three-way mirror.  Though it can often be disconcerting to see yourself from all angles, it’s what all of us get to see.  Know what we’re looking at.

2. Don’t Spend a Fortune on Basics

They’re easily replaceable and available at good value prices.

3. Don’t Skimp on Essentials

They define your silhouette and shape your first impression.  In case you’re confused, a black turtleneck is a basic.  A black suit is an essential.

4. Never Overlook What Works

If blue has always been your go-to color, so it remains no matter what other color is hot that season.  If you have great legs, don’t hide them for trendiness’ sake.  Conversely, if you look squat and stubby in cropped pants, don’t buy them no matter how ubiquitous they are in stores.  Looking your best is about awareness of personal style, not pervasiveness of trend.

5. Find and Use a Tailor

Regardless of what you are spending, nothing is more important than having your clothes fit properly.  The right fit will elevate inexpensive clothes. The wrong fit will destroy expensive ones.  If the store you shop in does not do alterations, find a local tailor or dressmaker.

They’re not as hard to locate as you think.

Dry cleaners often have one on staff.  They are also a lot less expensive than you think.  And the moment you put on a jacket that fits just so, your face will tell you immediately that this was so         worth it.

6. Don’t Be So Quick to Show Everyone What You Bought

Why not savor this.  Roll out your new goodies, slowly.  A little tease, a little dazzle, a bit of surprise, a moment of seduction.  This is what shopping is all about.  Like that, huh?