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5 Fashion Rules That Bear No Exception

Hal Rubenstein

5 Fashion Rules That Bear No Exception


Unfortunately, one of the only things we can ever be certain of is our age.  And that’s why it’s vital that, rather than fight or bemoan it, we embrace it.  If you are “middle” aged – you are only hallway through your “movie”, and that’s usually when the plot gets the juiciest.  So why not dress the part?

The problem is you don’t feel like the star of your film, do you? That’s because you are focusing on what you aren’t, instead of who you are.  How lucky for you that you are both creative and satisfied in your chosen field.   My guess is not only does your work give you a sense of pride, but there are plenty of colleagues, and hopefully family, who admire what you do as well.   And I’m willing to bet that these people probably see you as more handsome than you see yourself.

It’s not my place to talk about diet or exercise, but I do know how to make a woman look as good as she should feel about herself.

So, here are 5 easy to remember inarguable rules for you – and all women of a certain age – to live by.

Rule 1: Don’t hide your figure

It’s a myth that you can do it and that’s because you are only as large as your widest piece of clothing. I REPEAT (it’s that important!) You are only as large as your widest piece of clothing.

Rule 2: Pick clothes that graze instead of cling to or stand away from the body

Seek out those that flow over your curves while smoothing over the bumps.   These include jersey, ponte, viscose, lambskin, knits, suede, lightweight wools and any fabric with spandex or stretch.

Rule 3: Define your waist

It doesn’t matter if it’s nowhere near what it used to be.  Highlighting the waist is the first step in finding the most flattering proportions to enhance your hips, bust and shoulders

Rule 4: Find the right proportions

Exposure doesn’t necessarily make a woman look either young or sexy.   Finding the right proportions in clothes that fit are the key to sensuality.  Remember all those irresistible heroines in Alfred Hitchcock thrillers (if you are too young, go right to Netflix and download.  I’ll be here when you get back).  No need for plunging necklines, sliver skirts, or spike heels.   Instead, there was an abundance of pencil skirts, cropped jackets, crisp blouses, and belted dresses.

Rule 5: Always look put together

This is essential whether you are a size 2 or 12 but especially if you are a plus size.  Women who are overweight often feel defeated and consequently, give in or give up on occasion.   Never surrender to your demons.   Strike back with a clean, pressed, smart wardrobe and posture that a Marine might envy.  The right proportions are key.  To be honest, finding them is a trial and error process, so invest the time.  It’s worth it.

Bonus: Don’t bother trying to look trendy.

It’s exhausting. And expensive.  Instead, find what works for you and built a wardrobe around that. Then you are always ready to look your best.

Have other questions? Share them in the comments below.