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Break the Chain

Hal Rubenstein

Break the Chain

OK you guys have me confused. You post someone from Fox News or some ex politician from Alaska saying something racist, hateful, ugly, untrue or simply monumentally stupid, a comment that wouldn’t have the half life of a nematode if you didn’t reprint it and then say “This is awful!” Of course, it’s awful, but you just made it worse, by spreading their inhumane sentiment to an even greater audience. Or you post the picture of some imitation of life whose whole calculated existence is solely driven by notoriety, and then decry their need for attention. But you just gave it to them, perpetuating their oxygen supply. Desperate creatures like Ann Coulter only exists because others keep reinforcing her ludicrous remarks by considering it worthy of note, or worse yet, appearing surprised that she says such things. Don’t respond and she will go away. Her only power is YOU. The same goes for every talentless slag or vapid bro who live from one “reality” moment to the next. I can’t stop Donald Trump from extending the life of the useless, selfish flesh that bears the name Kate Gosselin but maybe you will listen. Please stop spreading the very thing you want to stop and focus on people, places, causes, sentiments and initiatives that matter. They need your notice, your support, and your power to communicate too, and the results will be far more rewarding for all of us. Maybe even you.